Accredited Master Electrician

An Accredited Master Electrician accreditation has significance. It’s not easy to earn or to keep the accreditation, but that’s why it’s valuable. Master Electricians Australia employs a stringent accreditation process which even though onerous, benefits are substantial.

By choosing a Master Electrician, you are choosing a contractor whose safety systems are accredited and monitored, and who provides a workmanship guarantee. Master Electricians are also reliable contractors who provide excellent service and information, potentially saving you time and money.

Accredited Master Electrician is an accreditation program provided by Master Electricians Australia Ltd. Members of the program, Master Electricians can become accredited to deliver the highest standards of quality, electrical safety, energy efficiency advice, and integrity. They are experienced, safe and informed electrical contractors who offer customers a 12-month guarantee on their workmanship.

The Master Electricians brand is not just a name – it has a higher bar for entry and sets high standards that members must continually maintain. It is not possible for an electrical contractor to become associated with Master Electricians without being accredited for safety, quality and service.

The Electrical Contractors Association is responsible for monitoring the performance of Accredited Master Electricians by:

  • Checking the credentials and systems of electrical contractors who apply to become Master Electricians
  • Undertaking regular audits for safety and quality compliance
  • Providing avenues for customer feedback, compliments, or complaints
  • Investigating and undertaking disciplinary action against Master Electricians who do not meet the standards or breach the program’s code of ethics

The Accredited Master Electricians brand has become the industry hallmark, inspiring trust for electrical contractors and consumers nationally. They only accredit the best electrical contractors across the country marking them as the leaders in the industry.